About Us

Our Values

Founded in 1981 on a foundation of Excellent service and Superb products, Gem Connection has grown to be one of the largest wholesale loose Gemstone, Diamond and Jewellery suppliers on the Canadian west coast.

The values with which the company was established are still applied in all our dealings as we strive to provide our customers with the excellence and perfection they seek in terms of our product, services and pricing.

Mission statement

To inspire the loyalty of Gem Connection’s clients by being the most trusted gem dealers in our industry. Offering expertise, exceptional quality products, value and being an experienced authority is crucial to our business.

Social Responsibility

Gem Connection is committed to obtaining gemstones, precious metals and crafting our jewellery in the most ethical way and responsible business practices. We attempt to integrate these practices into each aspect of our company.


Our buyers are constantly working on improving our international supply network, traveling to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America in search of the Finest Gemstones. This passion and commitment to finding the best sources for quality and pricing makes it possible to supply our clients with the excellent value and quality they need to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With an extensive stock in both Calibrated sizes to Unique one of kind Gemstones Gem Connection is here to meet all your gemstone requirements.


With in-house design teams, Gem Connection manufactures unique, customer-oriented quality finished Jewellery of timeless elegance and distinction.

Our Jewellery combines our extensive gemstone stock and international supply network with design and fine quality manufacturing to offer you a turn-key solution for generating Coloured Gemstone Sales.

Have Questions? Call Us TOLL-FREE on 1-800-811-3366 or info@gemconnection.ca !
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